The Team

Highly qualified
technical professionals

The team: our greatest asset.

Our Madrid headquarters is home to 70 technical and administrative staff who report to the architects Rafael Cuenca Herreros (Managing Director), Enrique Vinagrero Redondo and Emiliano Rodríguez Colinas (Assistant Directors). More than 100 independent professionals also work with the company - technical staff who are able to cover the needs of our clients at a local level thanks to their expertise and catchment area.
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Board of Directors

ST Consultores S.L.

Marcelo Gonzalez Würth

ST Portfolio Representative

María J. Rubio Tejedor

Secretary of the Board of Directors

Management structure

General Management

Business Areas Management

Mario Vicente Gallardo

Director of Strategic Consulting

Dolores Nieto Arribas

Director of Technical Property Management

Beltrán Marín Inza

Director of Market Research

Laura Cáceres Herrero

Director of Project Monitoring

Paz López Paredes

Assistant Director of Technical Property Management

Gabriel Galindo Jiménez

Assistant Director of Project Monitoring

Herminia Vegas Muñoz

Assistant Director of Project Monitoring

Pilar Cañada Jiménez

Assistant Director of Market Research

We analyse all
property-related matters.